Practice Areas

  • My services are sector-neutral, with particular expertise in these areas:
  • Practice areas in Strategy consulting - Ryan Samaroo
  • Government & Public Sector

    I have experience with the machinery of government departments and educational institutions, and also that of their implementation partners and contractors, particularly social services departments. This includes knowledge of the legislative and regulatory environments that constrain their activities, law-making and and policy-making processes, administrative machinery, and procurement cycles. Most importantly, I have a deep knowledge of inherited organizational challenges such as technical debt, manumation, and the phenomenon of “escalation of commitment,” so am well placed to diagnose both particular problems and systematic ones.

  • Healthcare

    My experience working with social services departments has led me towards healthcare providers, whose patient management processes rely on similar case management systems. From my early work on measures of health and disability, through my more recent work on the analysis of social determinants of health, to contemporary issues in healthcare management, modernization, and transformation, I bring with me long experience with trends and drivers of change in healthcare systems. My interests and expertise centre on enterprise redesign to support improved healthcare management.

  • Technology

    I stay abreast of the best and latest practices in managed services offered by technology companies, including infrastructure, devices, applications, and other solutions, for organizations large and small. I offer a helpful external perspective on procurement and vendor management, relevant products and services, and broad general acquaintance with trends and hurdles.