Dr Ryan Samaroo is a philosopher of science based at the University of Oxford.This website provides a brief overview of my work, variously as a strategy consultant, policy advisor, and sometime lecturer, currently with the Government of Canada, previously at Oxford.

In early chapters of working life, I lectured and wrote about theoretical and empirical aspects of scientific method. I did so with a primary focus on the foundations of physics and mathematics, at times touching on related issues in the theory of computation, cognition, and language.

An accumulation of influences, including a stint lecturing in Oxford’s program in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, led me to explore how certain strands of my work come together at the intersection of enterprise strategy, data strategy, and technology strategy. All of these influences inform my current work as an advisor to government.

Now, much to my own surprise, I wear several hats and divide my time between several places, though mostly Ottawa and Toronto. In the world of Ottawa, I serve as an advisor to a tech executive within government. In this capacity, I give advice on developing business intelligence to support strategic planning and program management in matters of income security, the labour market, workforce development, and socio-economic development in the broadest sense. This involves a swirl of business strategy, data strategy, technology strategy, federal policy-making, and horse sense, all framed by legislation, regulation, mandate commitments, and departmental priorities. (In plain English, and at the risk of dealing in clichés, my team and I are helping the organization to play “Moneyball” with social statistics. It worked for Major League Baseball and we think it can work for the social contract.)

Bare-bones LinkedIn profile here; email me for a résumé or indeed a CV.


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